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Lot 1 | Sriracha


14 hands


Sriracha is a 14 hand grade pony. He is about 6 years olds and can go all day. This little bay pony is gentle, kind and knows what it’s like to have a big horse job. He enjoys his job and is fun to use. Sriracha has been roped on and used on a day to day ranch/feedlot operation. He was used this spring to gather, wean and ship calves in New Mexico. Sriracha has cowboy lead changes and is learning a few tricks. He is easy to train and picks up want you want from him easily. Sriracha is ready to go on to bigger and better things with his new owners!

About the consignor:

My name is Gracie Paul. I live in Woodward, Oklahoma on our family ranching/horse training operation. I grew up ranching and showing cutting horses. In 2016 when I went to college, I added the reigning cow horses to my horse showing journey. I have won several local and National titles throughout my showing career. I was blessed to make it to the finals in 2021 at the Worlds Greatest Horsewoman. I am excited to be going back for a second year. I am looking forward to competing and the opportunity to grow a deeper connection to the Art of the Cowgirl program.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: (509) 855-2959

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