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17.1 hands


Oreo is a big, beautiful, gentle giant, that turns heads everywhere he goes! He stands 17.1 hands tall. Oreo is the most gentle horse we ever have had the pleasure to own. He has been drove in the Santa Barbara Parade, as well as movie sets, weddings, etc. Oreo rides both English and Western. He is excellent being rode on trails, crosses water with ease, and crosses railroad tracks without hesitation, traffic does not bother him. 100% safe for any age or size of rider, to ride or drive! Oreo has been shown English, he knows his leads and lead changes, he is safe for anyone. Catch him in the pasture and put a string around his neck and ride him anywhere bareback! Oreo also has a bow on him, that makes it easy to get on! Absolutely no spoke, buck, bolt, kick, no nonsense. Great to bathe and clip. Stands like a gentleman for the farrier. A one of a kind gelding! 

About the consignor:

My family and I have been in the equine business for decades, everything from ranching, rodeo's, Wild West Show's, Trick riding and furnishing horses and equipment for the movie business. I alongside my father raise and train horses in the heart of the sandhills for many disciplines. We strive to have nice horses and happy customers! 

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