More details on Seven!

A note from Carmen Buckingham:

Seven is a really cute 14.2 hand dark palomino gelding that is a pleasure to ride in and out of the arena.  This is a sweet, friendly horse that will meet you at the gate and is gentle all the time.  Lay him off for 6 months and he will be the same when you get back on him.  Seven has been used in all aspects of ranching, branding, doctoring, sorting and gathering in all types of terrain.  He is sure footed and is really good to ride by himself.  He has been in steep country with downfall, rocks and water.  Great in thick brush.  Seven is good in traffic and around large groups of people and has packed flags at rodeos.  Seven is soft in his face, lopes nice circles and knows is leads and has a nice spin.  He is started out of the box in the heeling and break away.  Call Carmen for more information: (208) 599-3611 |  Tel: 817.964.8801  |