More details on Cool!

A note from Paje Turner:

Cool is an original Cowboy, one of the fanciest geldings you will ever find. A true Blue Roan who is Elite bred top and bottom. Right at 14.3 hands he is handier than a pocket on a shirt!! Ranch and Trail Riding, Cutting, Sorting, Heeling, Breakaway Roping, Calf Roping, Branding, and Ranch Horse Competitions are all included on Cool’s resume.  He will pack you around all day with a great cowboy walk and goes right where you point him. 

Cool rides in the bridle, has a rocking chair lope and smooth transitions. On the trails he crosses streams, bogs, bridges and down timber. We appreciate that he rides out alone and will walk home. Perfect in the box, leaves flat and runs hard, yet super smooth and will fit a lower numbered roper. Cool will be hauled to ropings up until the sale, cheer him on! He would also shine in the arena in all the ranch horse classes. If you ask him, he will do it.  A true hand on cattle inside and out of the arena! He will be your go-to mount on the ranch or in the arena. We welcome you to our place in Wickenburg AZ to come and try Cool out prior to the sale. Cool sells sound and will be a sale highlight. Keep up with Cool this fall at or phone 406-381-2347 |  Tel: 817.964.8801  |