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Lot 23 | Ima Red Inferno



15 hands

AQHA # 5957891


“Lincoln” is rare like Abe and copper like a penny! 

He is encompassed with integrity, honesty and talent. He has a mind of gold and a charming character only found in a few. Lincoln is brave in the way he takes on adventure and new things, he is smart about taking care of his rider and himself. He is the only horse my 5 month old daughter has rode and I completely trust him with her, whether it’s eighty degrees out or zero and the wind is howling! He never wavers on who he is or what you can expect from him. He is forgiving when I make mistakes and quick to learn the trade! 

I’ve enjoyed riding him in the mountains, over brush and rocks or through creeks and timber. He has spent the last few months exploring the desert, washes, wild cattle and cactus. He has been hauled all over the states to jackpots and rodeos as the buddy horse for others, but he doesn’t need another horse to keep himself content! He is the same horse by himself on a ride as he is with the whole herd with him. His quiet confidence is rewarding and you can count on him to go get any job done! 

He is your pick to shoot guns, twirl ropes, cut cattle or just ride the most pleasant animal around! But don’t forget how fancy his moves are, he is full of spins, sliding stops and flying lead changes! You can move cattle on him during the week and take to the horse show on the weekends! My favorite kind of horse; Gorgeous, Elite and Versatile! 

Lincoln stands at 15 hands tall, wears 1 shoe, big boned, and has zero vices whatsoever. You can catch him on a hundred acres, ride him bareback in a halter and know you have the nicest horse in the state! I guarantee this pretty boy for many years to come. 

He is available to come meet, ride and enjoy in Wickenburg, Arizona. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: (406) 925-1020