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Starting in 2023 this sale will be open to only invited consignors.  Over the years we have developed a very quality group of repeat consignors.  We are also able to meet and create relationships with potential consignors through our competitions and other events surrounding Art of the Cowgirl.  We have been working towards this being an invitational sale and we are proud to be in a position to streamline this sale and offer the highest quality horses available.

There are two options if you have a horse you would like to have considered for the sale if you are a potential new consignor:

A PROMOTIONAL QUALITY sale video can be e-mailed to of a potential sale horse.  Videos must include horse being ridden outside, on cattle (can be roping, cutting, reined cow horse, etc) and the horse at all gates, stopping and backing up.  Any videos that can not be shared directly as a sale promotion will not be viewed.

A letter of recommendation from one of our past consignors can be sent to