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A Real Rockstar



AQHA #5285504

15 hands


Smokey has been my main mount for going on three years. Started and eased into his role on the ranch as a 3 year old, he is a flashy Gray  gentleman, with three high white socks. Standing at 15 HH, he is athletic, enthusiastic, smooth-going with tons of potential to pursue any future direction. For two seasons he has been used in all aspects of ranch work, calving, branding, doctoring, sorting and gathering. He has been roped on extensively, tracks hot heels, and has roped out of the box some. He has good hard feet and is exceptionally sure footed in rough country. He has lived in camp and been to town, and competed in Ranch Rodeo. He is incredibly kind and loves people. Smokey is the same every time you swing a leg over, very mannerly, and easy for other horses to get along with. Even after back-to-back hard days you can walk right up to him in the pasture and catch him every time. He is a horse that has been exposed to all kinds of shenanigans. You can bomb around on him bareback and in a halter; he will take you, your kids, the dogs and the floaties to the pond for a swim, have fun at Liberty. His calm demeanor and go-getter attitude has opened a lot of doors for he and I, he has been a perfect prince; and I know he will do the same for whomever has the pleasure of owning him next. He will be a tough one to let go, but I guess that's when you know they're worth selling.

About the consignor:

Keily Riata Stewart grew up on a horse ranch in Northern British Columbia, Canada, where her family raised, trained, and sold horses. Her father is a Horsemanship Clinician, she is a student and apprentice of his program, soaking up horsemanship at home and on the road as one of her main focuses in life. Keily spent 16 seasons with her family in the mountains at a horse operated Guide Outfitting & Hunting area, working on herd development and management. She has been invited to the professional divisions of both the National Ballet of Canada and Alberta Ballet but was reluctant to live a life without horses. In 2019, she went on to serve as an International Ambassador for the Calgary Stampede as a member of Royal Trio, studying under the mentorship of Working Cow Horse and Reining NRCHA NRHA Champion Clay Webster. Keily taken a handful of client horses for foundation training, colt starting, and restarts, is a photographer and regular contributor to various publications including the Alberta Beef Producer magazine, and holds a diploma in Land Reclamation and Remediation. Constant throughout her journey is a love of horses, western heritage, and working cattle ranches. 

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